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Sage Building is a company in the business of constructing buildings for the future, tailored to meet your needs and your vision. Our work honours the history of construction in Brisbane and hopes to set a role model for the future of the industry in Queensland as we expand. Each new building project is a chance to learn and grow. Every client satisfied is another finished building we can look up at with pride and confidence. Our company is dedicated to some very key things in the construction industry. Those include the client and their needs, first and foremost. Others include the art and trade of building construction itself, as well as the quality of the building in question. We deeply value your feedback and always wish to achieve the project with both the highest quality and the lowest possible price without sacrificing that quality.

You can always rest easy knowing your building will emerge the best it can be. We achieve our high-quality buildings through a remarkable combination of focus on our clients, high building standards, and a very passionate, skilled, and professional team eager to build.



61 Rennie Street
Indooroopilly, QLd 4068
Phone: 0421 128 563


owner: Nima Rezvanian

نیما رضوانیان


Based Brisbane

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